The results are in from the Edge AI and Vision Alliance's 9th annual Computer Vision Developer Survey 2022.  For the past eight years, the survey has queried developers of vision-based products to gain insights into their choices of techniques, languages, algorithms, tools, processors and APIs, as well as understand product development challenges and trends.

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Some of the issues  at the top of the list considered "challenging " were:

    • Algorithm implementation and optimization  (37%)

    • Algorithm design (31%) and

    • Hiring people with the necessary skills (29%)


Indeed algorithms, optimization and implementation are extremely challenging with the
rapid pace of research and innovation in AI, in particular for optimizing AI algorithms for
edge devices. Thousands of articles are published each year and every few months, new
appear on arxiv. A study from MIT noted that many of these publications don’t really
compare comprehensively to other methods, so it’s hard to know which method is really the
best. Furthermore, optimizing Ai algorithms to edge devices needs the implementor to have
a good understanding also of the hardware characteristics, so this adds another dimension
to the complexity of the problem. Even big corporations such as OEMs do not have the
bandwith to deal with these complications while they are pursuing their core product.

Embedl to the rescue! its award-winning technology involves cutting edge state -of-the-art
research via its connection to Chalmers and Gothenburg University and as leading partner in
research and innovation consortia in EC Horizon 2020 projects such as VedLIoT. Embedl was
recently awarded a 2,5 million euro grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC). And
most important of all, it has a world class team of highly talented Deep Learning
researchers, engineers and developers consisting of 4 people with Ph.D. s and several with
masters degrees from Chalmers and leading universities worldwide. Thus ,it has the unique
combination for success identified by the Computer Vision Developers Survey!

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